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We are a Commercial Interior Design Studio formed by expert consultants in the design of suitable commercial spaces in order to fulfill our client’s requirements. We are a multidisciplinary team backed by 45 years offering a comprehensive service in retail design. We are there every step of the manufacturing cycle, from raw materials to the installation of structures and display stands.

At CAAD Retail Design we design and carry out the design of commercial spaces, from retail to the franchise store. In this way, we create the most innovative expressions of visual merchandising, with special emphasis on the personality of the company and the optimization of its sales activity.

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Items D'Ho

Everything a daring traveler needs and looks for on their business day can be found at Items d'Ho Barcelona El Prat Airport. We designed a different way of highlighting the product by combining light with color. Each piece of furniture was illuminated individually to emphasize  its content in black and salmon colours.
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La Balear

CAAD has developed various construction resources in collaboration with the interior designer David Pablo www.davidpablogarcia.com. Pablo has conceptualized and directed the first reform of a point of sale of the perfumery chain, La Balear.   The main material used in the outlet is a deployé mesh.
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Titan PRO

Titan PRO is a project of Titan SAU industries in which CAAD Retail Design has collaborated by providing furniture and accessories, both for stores and corners. The medium load-bearing shelves create a bold and eye catching look for customers and guests who visit this retail space. The use of upper and lower lighting installations draw the customer in and create a unique visual for the mobile communication elements and aesthetic of the store. 
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This parapharmacy located in the center of Sitges was designed with the pre-existing structural elements in mind. The storefronts focal attributes include the LED interior lit counters, carefully selected accessories and complements intended to give a feeling of spaciousness through the exhibition features.
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PLATA Service

The new PLATA SERVICE storefront was designed and installed using metal shelving with elliptical perforation. In silver gray color and with wide transit areas, the outlet provokes a feeling of spaciousness and brightness. A custom counter on stainless steel and an integrated display cabinet in modular shelving and picking shelving.
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