We are a commercial interior design studio made up of expert advisors in the design of suitable commercial spaces according to the client's demands. A multidisciplinary team backed by almost 50 years offering a comprehensive service in retail design. Our services cover all phases of the production cycle, from raw materials to the installation of display structures. At CAAD Retail Design we plan and custom design commercial spaces, from retail to franchise stores. This allows us to create the most avant-garde expressions of visual merchandising, placing special emphasis on the personality of the company and the optimization of its sales activity.

We shapeto your dreams

“ Each idea is an extraordinary challenge for our specialists in retail design and decoration of commercial spaces. ”

We have the ideas you need for the success of your retail project. Lights, views, textures, reflections and flashes. Thanks to our expert team in retail design, you can see in detail the 3D project with high quality renders. Moreover, we design the different atmospheres of the point of sale with a realistic aspect. As a result, the initial idea of your point of sale will be reflected in images with absolute fidelity before the setting-up.

01. We project

We design and execute custom installations for commercial spaces ranging from retail stores to franchised businesses.

02. We create

We create the most innovative visual merchandising, emphasizing on the personality of the client with every design.

03. We optimize

We aim to optimize sales activity of commercial spaces to improve and enhance the customer shopping experience.


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