CAAD 360º is a service that aims to encompass all the phases of creating a sale’s area, be it a store, corner, pop-up store, flagship store, etc...From the creation of the first renders by part of designers and architects, through the manufacturing and assembly of the production equipment, to the branding of the brand by the marketing department.

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Retail Design

Create the commercial spaces of tomorrow today

At CAAD we dedicate ourselves body and soul to building spaces, following the main trends in retail design, that generate a great impact and unique experiences to build loyalty among your audience. It's not just about the visual design, content or aesthetics: our services guarantee a comprehensive design of all types of stores, corners (shop-in-shop), pop up-stores, etc. including branding, the website or social networks, among other essential items


Visual merchandising

With the senses activated to differentiate ourselves from the competition

In retail, standing out from the competition is what makes the difference when competing and attracting more customers. How can we make your store stand out in the market? Betting on the best Visual Merchandising, that is, designing those commercial spaces to present products, attract consumers and generate the desire to purchase. At CAAD we have the best professional experts to carry out a design of furniture, displays, digital signage or window dressing capable of launching a uniform brand message in all your stores, making the products much more attractive and facilitating the decision and the purchase process. buys.


Manufacturing + Installation

Turnkey, our policy for your commercial space

At CAAD 360º we are in charge of carrying out all the steps of the process, including the production and installation of the elements for your commercial space. This is a comprehensive service that includes the design, manufacturing, installation and start-up of the project. In short, a “turnkey” service in which you will not have to look for external services to bring the materials to the store, nor have a marketing company... We use all the knowledge of a multidisciplinary team of builders, architects, installers, product designers, graphic designers, artisans, etc. to capture a spatial proposal from the first contact until its launch.



Renew season by season

Another of the most interesting services of CAAD 360º is the possibility of sending, distributing and, above all, temporarily storing whatever you want. If you need a temporary stock change or renew your display depending on the season, we offer a storage and warehouse service to store materials, displays, etc. Thus, we will take care of saving what you need for the future and transport and install the new seasonal material so that you can rotate everything you want in your commercial store, without worrying about its logistics.


Visual communication + Marketing

Visual communication is your best marketing campaign

The data speaks for itself: visual content has a brutal impact and should not be missing from any marketing strategy. Whether you want to give life to a new commercial project or adapt to the changing trends of the Retail industry, with CAAD 360º we will take care of giving the best visibility to your space, from optimal graphic decoration of commercial spaces/exhibitors to multimedia editing for digital signage, brand enhancement, website and everything related to branding.