From 26 February to 2 March 2023, EuroShop, the leading trade fair for the retail trade, will bring together the world of international retail and its partners for the 21st time at the Düsseldorf exhibition centre.

As we have been doing since almost our birth as a company, CAAD will once again visit EuroShop, one of the most important trade fairs for the Retail Design industry. 

EuroShop 2023, one of the largest retail trade fairs on the planet, will explore the latest solutions and trends from 26 February to 2 March in Düsseldorf, Germany. At the 21st edition of this event, some 1,700 exhibitors from 56 countries are expected to fill the 16 exhibition halls at this year’s show.





What will we find at EuroShop 2023?

The German trade fair will highlight innovative solutions designed to help retailers adapt to changing customer habits and needs. 

We’re talking about solutions that align with the key themes of the event and current topics in the sector, such as the digital connection of connected retail, sustainability, the smart shop, energy use, customer care, fostering personalised experience and competition in (increasingly) dynamic city centres. 

Cutting-edge concepts that will help retailers optimise customer loyalty and stay ahead in a constantly evolving market.

In this way, after two years of tough constraints, EuroShop 2023 will provide the perfect opportunity for the retail industry to come together and discuss the challenges it has faced, looking for new solutions to recover and thrive in the future.


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After two years of tough constraints, EuroShop 2023 will provide the perfect opportunity for the retail industry to come together and discuss the challenges it has faced. 



Split dimensions to amplify the message

To meet the needs of the industry, EuroShop 2023 has been structured into eight clear experience dimensions, providing an even more targeted offering for visitors and exhibitors, synergies between different dimensions and more space in the halls for important growth areas such as retailer technology or refrigeration.

One of the key dimensions of EuroShop 2023 is Shop Fitting, Store Design & Visual Merchandising, which is the heart of EuroShop and its largest dimension. 

Visitors will be able to find answers to retailers’ current questions, such as what a shop should be today and in the future, and get inspired by temporary design or modular concepts, as well as tangible solutions for sustainability.

Another important dimension is lighting, which will showcase the most comprehensive range of modern retail lighting, including LED technologies, which offer completely new possibilities for the emotional setting for products. The focus will also be on sustainable energy solutions and intelligent lighting management.

On the other hand, full in-store integration, artificial intelligence, mobile payment and check out will be other predominant topics to go deep into digital fashion and the real state of the customer relationship. In this sense, digitalised and omni-channel communication, as well as big data, are revolutionising the relationship between shopper and retailer, customer and brand. 

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What does this have in store for us?  

For example, that the mere act of shopping requires a high-tech interactive experience, but without sacrificing the more human side of the whole operation.


What other dimensions will be covered?  

Materials and surfaces, retail marketing, exhibition and event marketing, food service equipment or refrigeration will also be very much in the spotlight at EuroShop 2023.



The EuroShop 2023 programme

The seven EuroShop “courses” are the cornerstones of the exhibition. These are high-level lectures and discussion forums on the latest developments, innovative trends and best-practice examples in retail design and the retail industry, open to all EuroShop visitors free of charge and without prior registration (simultaneously in German-English/English-German or English only). 

These courses range from shop design, to retail designers, retail technology, commissioning…


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Three major supporting events

In addition, EuroShop 2023 will host three supporting events:


1. The Future Urban Lab

An interactive experience that will explore the connection between retail and urban centres/cores in the cities of the future.


2. Room4Senses

Four rooms, each associated with a sense (sight, sound, smell and touch). Participants can learn about the value of sensory perception in sales and marketing.   


3. Retail Ball Game

The ‘playground’ booth will invite attendees to participate in a game to address different retail challenges and discuss possible solutions. This open communication platform will address the challenges and solutions for retail in the coming years in a very special way.


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Context of Euroshop 2023 and current trends in retail design

This fair will put the global retail trade under the spotlight, investigating and highlighting the importance of shop design, shopfitting, lighting and technology in modern retailing.

While it was inevitable that the pandemic would drive more people to shop online, these tough years have also highlighted that many people enjoy and want to continue to enjoy the physical shopping experience. Consumers around the world, for a multitude of reasons, crave that feeling of entering a shop, and are looking for excitement, entertainment, personalisation and being amazed. All with the convenience provided by the most advanced technologies.


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For all this, physical shops are being transformed into omnichannel spaces, flexible and with digitalisation implemented in the shop itself to live the phygital experience and hybrid shopping. In this sense, from CAAD we can advance, as we have been doing since the beginning of the year, the main trends in the retail industry for this year, which will be exhibited and analysed at Euroshop 2023: 


  • Traditional retail is more alive than many predicted but it needs to keep updating.  
  • An attractive sales area that facilitates the offline shopping experience is key.
  • Experiential retail will continue to grow, and one of its greatest strengths is a greater focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
  • Shop design will change to include mixed-use spaces.


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See you at Euroshop 2023!  


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